About company

DIAGNOSTICS i.n.c. is a Slovak company, which is engaged in research and development of medical devices in the field of microbiology from year 2010. We are focusing on the phenotypic identification of microorganisms, bacteria and yeasts. Our products find application mainly in the laboratories of clinical microbiology, microbiology and environmental microbiology of food. The offered products can be divided into a several product lines:

Diagnostic kits

Diagnostic strips

Diagnostic discs

Reagents and auxiliary agents


The main competitive advantages:

  • Universal identification kits with high identification efficiency
  • Technological innovation in the form of bifunctional tests
  • Working without a suspension medium
  • The stability of the products in time and the possibility of storage of majority of products at room temperature
  • Free evaluation software for our users


From the process point of view, the company activities can be divided into research and product development. Diagnostics are developed according to the requirements of customers. Each stage of the development work is evaluated. Before entering the market there is internal and external independent testing. For each new product we carry out a series of regular and follow-up stability studies. We focus on technological innovation, scaling up of the production cycle. The aim of the research and development is an efficient, reliable, safe and financially affordable product.



By the production, emphasis is placed on the purchase of high-quality raw materials of renowned manufacturers (Sigma-Aldrich, MERCK, OXOID and etc.). The production is divided into several stages, from which the final preparation is done in clean spaces with separate ventilation equipped with HEPA filters. Technology of production reduces degradation processes by preparing of solutions and also by drying process to minimum. The efficiency of the work and the production cycle ensures a homogeneous batch production in a short time.


Quality control

Quality control is an important and inseparable part of the diagnostics production.

It takes place during the production cycle with consideration on properties of particular product group by testing in the form of IPC (in process control), and final inspection. Samples are taken and functionality and microbial safety of the products and production spaces is tested.

For each produced batch is at least one packaging of final product taken as reference sample.

There are also established and continuously evaluated followed stability studies.

Quality certificates of each produced batch are available at www.diagnostics.sk.