Identification program

Users can use identification program IDmicro for free. Program is placed at


We provide samples of our products on testing purposes to our customers for free .


We can make free course for new users in our spaces.

Seminar is composited of following sections:

Theoretical part - 45 minutes

Practical preview of real samples - 45 minutes

Excursion to manufacturing spaces - 30 minutes.

Consultation of results

In case of need of result consultation there is option to send exported pdf file with results and other additional data (microscopy, etc.) to address

HELP line

In case of whatever inquiries or uncertainties please contact us at: +421917742927.

Possibility of contract production

On base of customers requirement, there is possibility of development and production of modified or whole new products adapted to needs of specific purchaser.


Information about reclamation are contained in general business conditions.