GP 24

GP 24

Catalogue number: 1002 / number of tests in pack: 40 / expiration: 24 months

Universal identification kit with high efficiency designed to identification of Gram positive bacteria.

Advantage at work is uniform turbidity of bacterial suspension, incubation temperature and evaluation after 24 hours.

Kit was externally tested at Public Health Institut Ostrava.

GP 24 brings together with high identification efficiency and stability also: universality of use, use of bifunctional tests and so possibility of work with or without reagents and lower price for one determination.

From view of production technology it brings high stability of products, possibility of storage at laboratory temperature.

Kit contains:

• 10 microtitration plates with lid / 40 tests
• 40 result forms
• 10 incubation packets

• Information leaflet

To download:

Working leaflet

Result form

Colour scheme


List of profiles

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List of profiles

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Published on: 23. 5. 2013

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