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A new version of IDmicro has been implemented. The software now contains two new diagnostic kits...



Catalogue number: 2005 / number of tests in pack: 50 / expiration: 24 months

ONP is diagnostic strip for detection of β-galactosidase. Strip allows determination of TDA (tryptophan deaminase) and IND (indol test).

Test description:

ONP - breakdown of the substrate is attended by changing of colour of strip to yellow caused by releasing o-nitrophenol, this indicates positive reaction.

TDA - prove of tryptophan deaminase by added PHE reagent is attended by colour change - creation of red-brown colour - indicating positive result of test.

IND - breakdown of the substrate L-tryptophan is after adding IND reagent attended by colour change to pink colour - indicating positive result.

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Published on: 23. 5. 2013

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